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Meet the Trainer

FREE ASSESSMENT by Jess Sides - Trainer

March 21st, 10am-1pm

Bring your dog to be evaluated and get recommendations on options for obedience classes, etc...

Basic Manners

$150 for 6 week course - Jess Sides - Trainer

Wednesday Feb.5th @ 4pm - In Progress

Tuesday March 10th @ 4pm - Full

Wednesday March 25th @ 10am - Open

Thursday April 2nd @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday April 29th @ 12pm - Open

Tuesday May 12th @ 3pm - Open

Thursday May 14th @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday June 3rd @ 5pm - Open

$150 for 6 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

This class will introduce you and your dog to skills that will last a lifetime. Impress your friends with a well mannered dog. Sit and Stay is just the beginning; Learn recall, polite leash walking and so much more!

Beyond Basics - Level 2/CGC Prep Class 

Tuesday March 10th @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday April 29th @ 11am - Open

Tuesday May 12th @ 4pm - Open

Wednesday June 3rd @ 4pm - Open

$150 for 6 week course

(includes Canine Good Citizen Test)

Jess Sides - Trainer

additional $20 for certificate payable to AKC
This class is for those interested in completing the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test. This is a great class for any dog interested in becoming a service dog, therapy dog or just a polite and adjusted pet. Class price includes the CGC Test upon completion of the course.  Pre-approval required.


NOTE: CGC Testing available with the completion of any advanced class! 


Recall Skills 

TBD - call to be added to the waitlist

$150 for 6 week course 

Elizabeth Knight - Trainer
This class is for those interested in having your dog come when called? Stay when asked? Gain the skills to keep your dog safe, and responsive, to these highly important skills in our six week course.  We offer classes in a safe environment using positive reinforcement to get your dog to recall, and stay, in a variety of situations.  Some classes may meet in public locations demanding focus in high distraction areas using longlines for safety.


Place Training Class

Thursday Feb. 6th, @ 6pm - In Progress

Tuesday March 3rd @ 3pm - In Progress

Wednesday March 11th @ 11am - Open

Tuesday April 7th @ 3pm - Open

Wednesday May 6th @ 4pm - Open

Tuesday May 12th @ 5pm - Open

Tuesday June 9th @ 5pm - Open

$100 for 4 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

This specialized 4 -week class is for dogs needing to learn boundaries and self control. Do you have a dog that loves to run to the door and greet people with enthusiastic jumping? Beg at the table? Or have issues with self control?  Then this class will help you and your dog learn the basics of boundaries and impulse control.  


Puppy Social Class

2 months - 5 months old

Tuesday Feb. 18th, @ 6pm - In Progress

Wednesday March 11th @ 12pm - Open

Wednesday April 1st @ 4pm - Open

Wednesday May 6th @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday June 10th @ 11am - Open

$100 for 4 week course 

Jess Sides - Trainer

Payment required at sign up.  

Sessions must be used consecutively.

In this 4 - week class puppies will be introduced to new experiences including sound, texture, handling and socializing with other puppies and people. An experienced trainer will guide exercises and short play sessions according to temperament and size. We encourage full family participation, as the trainer will encourage appropriate play styles and guide dog parents on visual cues to their puppy's behavior.

NOTE: Puppies should have 2 sets of puppy shots for ages up to 5 months. Please do not bring puppies to socialization class for 1 week after shots.

Call us today to sign up.

This class is held in a clean, sanitized, outdoor environment. Weather permitting. Call ahead in the event of weather related cancellation. 


Crate/Kennel Training

Wednesday February 5th,  @ 11am - In Progress

Thursday March 12th @ 3pm - Open

Tuesday April 7th @ 2pm - Open

Thursday May 14th @ 4pm - Open

Wednesday June 10th @ 12pm - Open

$100 for 4 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

Crate or kennel can give dogs a sense of security. Positive reinforcement crate training is a highly effective management system that can be a lifesaver for dog owners. Like any training method, crating can be abused, but using a crate for appropriate time periods is helpful with a variety of important goals, including house training, preventing destructive behavior, and teaching a dog to settle and relax.


Loose Leash Walking

Thursday February 20th, @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday March 25th @ 5pm - Open

Wednesday April 29th @ 1pm - Open

Thursday June 11th @ 4pm - Open

$150 for 6 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

Get your dog to walk without pulling! But how? We are masters at allowing our dogs to drag us down the street. The most asked question at obedience classes and private consultations is "How can I get my dog not to pull on his leash? Using positive reinforcement  training and management tools this class will guide you and your dog to become happy walking partners

Dancing with your Dog

Wednesday February 19th, @ 5pm - Open

Thursday April 9th @ 3pm - Open

Thursday May 7th @ 3pm - Open

$50 for 4 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

Join us for this fun social class.  Learn a routine to music and interact with your dog.  Dancing skills not required just a great attitude.   

Introduction to Tricks & Games


$50 for 4 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

Join us for this FUN class.  Teach your dogs tricks to impress your friends and create an exciting bond with your pet.  Dogs any size welcome.

Please call to get on the waiting list so we have enough people enrolled to release a class date.


Ruff & Rowdy Reactive Dog Training Class

Private Classes Only -INQUIRE 

$175 for 3 week course

Jess Sides - Trainer

Do you have a reactive dog? Out of control at the end of 
a leash? Negative behavior with other dogs or people? 

This is the class for you! In training, handlers will be guided in a safe environment through the use of positive reinforcement training, learning how to manage and/or modify unwanted behavior. 

Including the proper use and  introduction of muzzles and crates. Understanding and learning the cues your dogs give you prior to the out of control behavior.

Paw Prints Paint

Paint with your Pup!

All Dogs Welcome

Saturday March 21st @ 11am - Open

Saturday April 18th @ 11am - Open

Saturday May 16th @ 11am - Open


Jess Sides - Trainer

Limited spots

Cats Welcome by Appt.

Payment required at time of booking


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