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Our Mission

Ron & Anita DeLelles created WOOF! Wellness Center to serve pets and their heath-conscious pet-owners. They are dedicated to improving the quality of life of companion and competitive animals through fitness, education and proper nutrition. 


Compassionate care provides vitality and longevity for your pet- and ensures a happy, healthy relationship!


We invite you to tour this website and visit WOOF! Wellness Center in person when in southern Utah.

WOOF! Wellness Center is located at 3199 Santa Clara Drive, Santa Clara, Utah, less than two hours outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, next to St. George. Phone: (435) 275-4536


Mon: 10am-5pm

Tue - Fri:  9am-6pm

Sat: 10am-4pm


WOOF! will be closed the following dates 

Monday May 29th

Saturday July 1st through Tuesday July 4th

Monday Sept. 4th

Thursday Nov. 23rd through Sunday Nov. 26th

Monday Dec. 25th 

Minday Jan. 1st 2024


A healthy dog is a happy dog.

Meet the WOOF! Pack

WOOF! Pack
Anita Delelles, LMT

Anita DeLelles, LMT is a certified Level 1 Equine and Small Animal Acupressure Practitioner with accreditation from the Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. She is a member of IAAMB. Her Tallgrass Training has included two consecutive summers in Bath, England, near where she lived as a child, as well as coursework in Colorado and northern California. Anita is also a UNLV graduate.


Additionally, Anita is certified in small animal massage from the Northwest School of Animal Massage as well as human massage in the state of Utah.


Anita shares her life not only with her husband Ron, but also her overly pampered cats and horses in St. George, Utah. She credits her cat Espresso for inspiring her into a stimulating and fulfilling career change -- the Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine, animal acupressure, animal and human massage. Learn more about Anita's work at:

Ron Clement DeLelles

Ron is a Visual Communications graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and also of University of Nevada Las Vegas, earning a degree in Psychology.  Ron and Anita founded their company, RD Advertising & Design Services in 1992. Prior to opening their studio, Ron had worked five years as the art director for a Las Vegas-based ad agency.


After a successful run of seventeen years, Ron and Anita semi-retired from the advertising business to pursue other interests–turning the page on a new chapter of their lives in St. George, Utah, which has included opening WOOF! Center.

Ron combines his love of art and animals creating pet portraits in acrylic on canvas. His work can be seen at Ron has also authored a travel memoir, which can be found here:

Robin Collett

Robin was first a client, and now a partner here at WOOF!


Robin got to know Anita when her miniature poodle Beau injured his leg. They experienced first hand how cold laser and acupressure massage can support recovery. When Robin had the opportunity to work with Anita and Ron along with all the other WOOF! pack members she jumped at the chance.


Robin’s primary responsibilities are to help keep the retail store operations running smoothly. Additionally, she supports big and little dog “Fit ‘n Fun"!


Robin recently moved to Ivins, UT after a successful 28-year career as a Special Education Administrator. Outside of WOOF! Robin is dog mom to Annie and Beau, a brother and sister pair of miniature poodles. They are training to fulfill their dreams of becoming agility poodles! Robin enjoys, hiking in the red rocks, biking, and loves living in Southern Utah!

Minet Marshall
Wellness Technician

Minet is a self-proclaimed  a small town girl from Enterprise UT, and before that Logandale NV, which is equally small! She has worked on a farm since her childhood and grown up around animals.

Minet is turning her huge passion for animals into a career, studying to become an animal massage therapist. She currently assists Anita with hydrotherapy and fitness training at WOOF! She has 2 dogs of her own, Boxers, named Boss and Margo. They are her pride and joy!

The outdoors is where Minet loves to be, enjoys riding horses and dirt bikes, being at the lake in the summer and playing in the snow in the winter. 

Jen Miller
Director of 
Jen Miller
Lili Navas
Groom Tech & Dog Handler

Jen started working with dogs over 10 years ago.  After 20 years of managing real estate and raising her daughter, she was ready to fulfill her real passion.


She started working as a dog handler at a large boarding facility. Her duties included handling 20-50 dogs in the play area and conducting one-on-one play for dogs that were not a good fit for the large group play. Other responsibilities included bathing and keeping dogs hydrated and fed.


Jen also helped the vet techs with giving medication and assisting the veterinarian when needed.  She was quickly promoted to Assistant General Manager and managed a staff of 10-15 employees.  She is certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.  Jen also volunteered with German Shepards of Orange County and Irvine Animal Shelter for many years.

Jen has currently been working as a trainer at WOOF! for nearly two years. She was recently promoted to Director of Training and is excited to re-structure and enhance the training experience of the WOOF! Training Academy.  Jen enjoys identifying problem behaviors, teaching owners methods to train their dog, developing a plan of action for the dog and owner, and creating a welcoming and bonding environment.

When not working, Jen enjoys hiking, biking with her husband and painting.  

Lydia Guymon
Dog Handler
Kasidee Carter
Groom Tech & Dog Handler

Growing up around animals I always found that they would be a large part of my life, so I decided to create a career around them. As I moved to St. George to start school at Utah Tech as an undergrad vet student, my goal was to find a place that I could work towards my career and be passionate about the mission behind the company. 

WOOF! fulfilled that role and I could not be happier with the work and team here. I have enjoyed learning more about dogs in general and anything new that the team has let me sit it on. I have found that there is so much information and learning to be done at WOOF! and I’m excited to be a part of the team.

When I’m not working here at WOOF! or in school, I’m either at the gym, doing something in the outdoors, probably in a hammock or fishing, or back in California on a horse.

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