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Happy Dog!

Bathing & Grooming

Keep your dog looking their best!


Self Wash

Looking for a fun place to wash your dog?  We've got everything you need to do the job, and we provide top-quality shampoos, and grooming products. Use our tub, professional dryer and leave the clean-up to us!


$15 Single Session

$60 for a 6-Session card (save $30)

WOOF! Wash

Would you rather drop off your dog and leave the work to us? No problem, our experienced staff will wash, blow dry and brush your dog and even treat them to a WOOF! bandana. Just let us know if you'd like a nail trim added to the service for an additional $10


$40 Single Session

$220 for a 6-Session card (save $60)

De-shed (all dogs): +$15


Nail Trim

$15 Single Session

$70 for a 6-Session card (save $20)

Mini Groom

When you want your dog to really shine, try our Mini Groom Service. It includes a wash, dry and brushing, nail trim, and scissor trim. We don't do full grooms or use clippers, but a Mini Groom is ideal as a maintenance trim between full grooms!


$55 Single Session, short-hair dogs

$280 for a 6-Session card (save $50)

$65 Long-hair Dogs

$340 for a 6-Session card (save $50)

Doodles & other dogs with long, thick fur may be subject to additional charge:

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