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Snake Awareness


Snake Awareness Training

$160.00  2 hour, outdoor session

Second dog from same household: $125.00

Saturday Sept. 30th 10am & Noon Retest 9am

Sunday Oct. 1st 9am & 11am


RETESTS -Free for students that have taken classes through WOOF!

Saturday Sept. 30 9am

Sunday Oct. 1st 1pm


Dogs must be over 9 months old

With Instructor Jay Smith: 15 years experience, 

mentored by renowned expert Webb Parton


Rattlesnakes LOVE Southern Utah!

A rattlesnake vaccine only gives you more time before your veterinarian must step in to save your dog. Keep you and your dog safe by training them to avoid snakes!


Is The Training Dangerous?

No! As with any avoidance training, it is necessary to begin with the thing to avoid: A live rattlesnake. The animal is de-fanged as a safety necessity, a painless process that only lasts about 7 days before they grow back. This allows the instructor to safely use all three association sources for your dog: sight, sound, and scent.


How Is It Done?

Snake behavior modification is achieved with the controlled use of an e-collar. This is the ONLY use of a corrective collar at WOOF! After the correction is applied, the dog immediately thinks they have been bitten by the snake and will no longer willingly go near a snake again. They are trained for sound and scent in addition to the sight of a rattlesnake. This is followed up by lots of loving from you and our instructor. 

Call now (435) 275-4536 to reserve your space- they fill up fast!
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