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Recall & Impulse Control

Recall & Impulse Control Skills 

$200 for 4 week course (includes a 30ft. long line)

Jen Miller - Trainer

Starting Mon, Oct 2 - Oct 23 @ 12noon

Starting Sat, Nov 4 - Dec 2 @ 11am

(no class Nov 25)


This class is to master the very basic skill of having your dog come when called... Gain these valuable skills to keep your dog safe, especially in emergency situations:

• Reliable "come when called'

• Impulse Control with Distractions

• Consistent response to your cues

We offer classes this 4-week course in a safe, enclosed environment using positive reinforcement to expose your dog to a variety of situations.  Some classes may meet in public locations demanding focus in high distraction areas, using longlines for safety.

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