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Testimonials & Gallery

"I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to WOOF! Wellness! Anita and Minet have absolutely gone above and beyond! Their knowledge and expertise, as well as huge hearts have helped my pup so much. When I took him in, he could barely walk. His tail was limp and he was losing muscle function every day. Anita recommended a program of acupressure massage, cold laser and hydrotherapy. It was my last option as we had tried everything else. I never dreamed that he would be running and playing again. We completed the program and he is happy, pain free and no longer taking any pain meds. He goes to maintenance therapy now and gets so excited to go see his new friends. They are absolutely amazing and I credit them for giving me extra time with my little soul mate. Thanks Anita, Minet and the rest of the team! You guys are the best!" 
Michelle Anderson
"There aren’t enough words to describe the expertise, professionalism, skill and compassion of the therapists at WOOF! Wellness Center.  Our 15 year old long-hair mini daschund had a spinal cord stroke on New Year’s Eve this year.  She was completely paralyzed in her hind legs with a bleak prognosis.  We contacted WOOF! Wellness Center and had an initial exam with Anita.  There are no guarantees, and every precious pet is different, but Anita said Sadie could be helped.  That’s all we needed to hear.

Sadie has been receiving hydro-therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy, and pilates since January 10th.  She took her first steps alone on March 31st.  Without the support and dedicated work of Anita and Minet at WOOF! Wellness Center, Sadie would not be where she is today.  We still have work to do, and will continue to do so faithfully with WOOF! Wellness Center. We have hope and confidence that Sadie will be walking again, on her own.  Thank you for helping to make this come true, to all at WOOF! Wellness Center." 

With Deepest Gratitude,


"Remy was hit by a car. She's 12 years old and we didn't want surgery. Virgin Valley Vet referred us to WOOF! and it has been a god-send from NO walking to now Remy is RUNNING and is a healed, happy rescue poodle.  Thank you WOOF! the stretches, massage, laser and hydrotherapy saved Remy!"
Cindy &Ty Luft-Morrison
"We learned so much! What a beautiful new location and excellent service. Can't wait to bring our babies back!"
Celece K.
"I love WOOF! 🐾 We had an awesome 👏 trainer and I am so grateful for what she is doing for my Nelson and I 🙌"
Stephanie S.
"Our girl Shiloh, a Jackabee, had a terrible skin allergy that developed scabs on the top of her head & chin. Our go to person, Anita, advised Milk Thistle & Clear AllerQi plus a calming spray for her. Within a week it has about all cleared up! We are always so thankful to Know Anita & the folks at WOOF! Shiloh thanks you, too!"
Connie S.
"WOOF and Jess, the trainer completely blew us away! We brought our 3 year old heeler in who had developed some bad manners because we weren’t keeping her mind active enough and Jess addressed all of these things and tailored our training to our dog’s needs. In one session we saw such a huge difference. If you have any doubts, I HIGHly recommend giving this place a try. It’s worth putting a little bit of time and money into your dog for an overall easier and happier time with them in the long run!"
Kris Y
"The WOOF team is very knowledgeable about everything "pets". I love them all - they have sooo much patience for my very active pups."
Barbara D.
"Gracie and I did place training with Jess. She did a great job, and Gracie is responding very well to me at home with what Jess taught me. Thank you so much!"
Rhonda B.
"WOOF Wellness Center is the place my dog likes the best! He has been going there since he was a puppy and loves playing at Fit n Fun for small dogs; I know because he lets me know when I’m within a block of their facility in Santa Clara! He also swims there in the summer and comes home happy and well-exercised. Everyone there treats my dog as if he were family."
Sherrye W.

"Anita and all the staff at Woof are amazing. Our kitty Rudy has been working out on the hydro treadmill since 2017. He has arthritis and is "plus sized." His massages, laser therapy and treadmill sessions have helped him with his strength and mobility. Our kitty Abby gets cold laser therapy and accu-pressure massages from Anita. These treatments have helped her with symptoms of her IBD and her spondylosis issues. Anita is very knowledgeable and caring about all pets and she loves cats! We are always treated like royalty at Woof and we would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to pamper their pet."

Debbie S.

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