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Our Health & Wellness Services benefit

Rehabilitation, Weight loss & Surgical Recovery


Rehabilitation, Weight loss & Fitness

Wellness Assessment


Our 3-Point Wellness Assessment is performed by our licensed, small-animal Massage Therapist.  She will evaluate your pet's:

MOBILITY - gait, posture, physical

NUTRITION - food, treats & recommendations

BEHAVIOR - temperament, personality, attitude

This is an ideal first-step before scheduling a
massage or hydro-treadmill session.

3-Point Wellness Assessment (small animal)

$65 Single Session



For rehab, weight loss and conditioning... 


A canine hydro treadmill is similar to a regular treadmill but it is filled with warm water to the desired level, usually the point of the shoulder. Once the water is filled, the hydro treadmill is started and the dog walks at a regulated pace. There are many benefits received from the use of a canine Hydro treadmill. Buoyancy from the water takes pressure off the joints and helps ease pain. Exercising in water increases resistance, helps strengthen muscles, tighten tendons and increase circulation. There is also an increased range of motion in joints from walking in water.

Benefits of Hydro:

•  Musculoskeletal - A variety of musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions can benefit.

•  Surgical Recovery -Recovery from cranial cruciate injury or surgery.

•  Bone Fractures - Recovery from fracture stabilization.

•  Neurologic Recovery - 

   Recovery from back disease (Intervertebral Disc Disease) 

   surgical and nonsurgical.

•  Geriatric Treatments - Physical therapy for dogs 

   with arthritis of the hips, elbows, stifles, or vertebrae.

•  Weight Control Issues - Overweight patients.

Hydro Treadmill (small animal)

$70 single session

$360 for a 6-Session card (save $70)

$90 single session of Hydro/Massage & Cold Laser 

$490 6-Session card, Hydro/Massage & Cold Laser (save $50)

$140 single session Full Rehab

$600 6-Session card Full Rehab 

Fitness Therapy/Hydro/Massage & Cold Laser (save $120)


Acupressure, Massage & Cold Laser

Who doesn’t love a good massage? 
Your pets are no different. 


Our state-licensed Pet Massage therapist begins your pet’s session with an assessment of the animal’s coat, eyes, ears, smell, etc... A pet massage plus manipulation of acupressure points offers numerous health benefits. Cold laser therapy also available.

Acupressure is founded in traditional eastern medicine. 

Clinical observation & scientific studies show that its
benefits include:

•Reducing Fear & Anxiety

•Improving Flexibility & Mobility

•Relieving Muscle Spasms & Stiffness

•Balancing The Body's Energies

•Releasing Endorphins & Natural Cortisone

•Building The Immune System to Resolve or Prevent Illness

AcuMassage Session (small animal)

$65 Single Session

$330 for a 6-Session card (save $60)

My Mutt & Me Massage

Enjoy a relaxing 15-minute chair massage after 

your pet's AcuMassage session. It's a WIN - WIN!

$60 Single Session

$300 for a 6-Session card (save $60)

Cold laser therapy (photobiomodulation)


Cold Laser treatment is a noninvasive procedure that uses light to stimulate cell regeneration and increase blood circulation. LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation and utilizes different wavelengths of low level light to stimulate the animal's tissues. It is called "cold" because unlike other medical lasers, this form does not give off heat or cut into tissue.


How does it work? The class 4 laser stimulates the animal's cells causing the mitochondria to produce more ATP (energy utilized by the cells) which allows for quicker cellular healing and a reduction in inflammation. Laser therapy can improve acute and chronic injuries, sprains and strains, arthritis, swelling due to back disc problems, and muscular-skeletal abnormalities. It also helps heal tendon or soft tissue injuries, promotes wound healing and regenerates nerve tissue after surgery.  

Dogs find laser therapy relaxing and tend to enjoy the treatment. In a typical treatment session, the laser wand is applied to the area to be treated. After laser therapy, dog owners might see their dog go upstairs more often, play with a ball he's not picked up in months or go back to getting on the couch for his nightly snuggle with family members. And, when dogs have better mobility, medications can often be reduced.

Laser therapy won't cause your dog any unwanted side effects. The laser used for this type of treatment will not burn your dog's skin. Laser therapy improves the quality of a dog's life as well as the life of its owner, because if your dog is happy, you are happy.​


• Do not use on dogs with cancer

• Never shine laser in eyes (avoid using on the face)

• Always follow instructions for proper use on the laser you are using.


Class 4 laser treatment - 

$40 Single Session

$200 for a 6-Session card (save $40)


Equine Massage, Cold Laser & Kinesiology Taping

What is kinesiology tape?  Kinesiology tape is a stretchy athletic tape that sticks directly to the skin on people and the hair on animals which causes a decompression effect of the skin resulting in increased blood flow, pain reduction and more.

Does kinesiology tape replace other forms of body work? No, kinesiology tape works best when used in conjunction with other forms of body work such as massage and/or chiropractic.


Does the horse have to be shaved or can you tape over their hair? You can tape directly over the horse's coat.  If the horse has a very long coat, some clipping may be necessary, but the tape normally does well on short- medium length hair.


How does the tape work if it's on the animal's hair rather than their skin?  The tape lifts the hair, which lifts the skin, creating the same decompression effect seen in people wearing kinesiology tape.


Can a horse be ridden while wearing the tape?  Yes, all the tape applications besides the meridian tapings can be worn during exercise.  


Can a horse compete with the tape on?  Yes and No. There are some competitions that will allow it and others will not.  Owner should check ahead of time before the competition.  


Is the tape waterproof?  Yes.  It can be worn during a bath or while swimming.

AcuMassage Session (equine)

$85 Single Session

$450 for a 6-Session card (save $60)


Kinesiology  Taping

Starting at $15 per area  

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