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Private, One-on-One Training

Private, One-on-One Training Sessions
Jen Miller & Alli Carmona - Trainers
$85 per session at WOOF! Training Academy
4 sessions: $320 (save $20)
6 sessions: $450 (save $60)
$175 per session at your home.
4 sessions: $640 (save $60)
6 sessions: $950 (save $100)
NOTE: the COVID-19 Crisis has increased our offering of individual, private dog training between just the trainer and you.  
You'll enjoy the trainer's undivided attention as well as a personally-tailored approach. The sessions will specifically address the topics and skills you want to work on. Stop in for a FREE assessment to discuss how private training can help create a better relationship with your dog and improved behavior at home and when out & about. As always, we use only all-positive, reward-based training techniques.

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