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Place Training

Place Training Class

$175 for 4 week course

Jen Miller - Trainer

Starting: Sat., Feb. 18 @ 12noon

Starting: Wed., April 5 @ 2pm


This specialized 4 -week class is for dogs needing to learn to respect boundaries and exhibit self control. Do you have a dog that loves to run to the door and greet people with enthusiastic, but annoying jumping? Is begging at the table a problem in your house? Or maybe your dog has issues with self control?  Then this class will help you and your dog learn the basics of boundaries and impulse control. We teach "go to place", stay, come when called and distraction avoidance  Stop in for a FREE assessment to learn more. .

Place Training II

$175 for 4 week course


This is a continuation of our Place Training class. It's held in an open space with more distractions. Place Training ing pre-requisite is required.

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