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Dog Sports & Tricks!

Let's Get Tricky!

4 week course - $200

Alli Carmona, Trainer

Starting Sat, June 8 - June 29 @ 9am

Join us for this fun, social class.  You'll learn a routine to music and interact with your dog. It keeps your dog mentally stimulated and physically exercised. And it's a great addition to your exercise routine as well! Dancing skills not required, just a great attitude. You'll be amazed how you and your dog can perform together! Please call to get on the waiting list so we have enough people enrolled to release a class date.Learn the joys of trick training through positive reinforcement! You and your dog will learn different tricks as a team to wow your friends and family. Trick Training is also a great way to build a better relationship with your dog!

Dog Sports Introduction

6 week course - $300

Alli Carmona, & Jen Miller, Trainers

Coming soon...

Dog Sports are a fun way to bond with your dog AND it’s mentally enriching for both dogs and owners. Each week we will explore a new sport!

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