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Obedience Classes

Basic Manners

$300 for 6 week course

Jen Miller - Director of Training

Starting Mon, Apr 1 - May 6 @ 10am

Starting Sat, Apr 6 - May 11 @ 12noon

Starting Thurs, May 2 - Jun 6 @ 4pm

Starting Mon, May 13 - Jun 24 @ 10am

    (no class May 27)

Starting Sat, May 18 - Jun 29 @ 11am

    (no class May 25)

This class will introduce you and your dog to skills that will last a lifetime. You'll learn to have a more rewarding relationship with your dog with improved behavior in your home. And you'll impress your friends with a well mannered dog! Learning to sit is just the beginning. We'll teach your dog to keep eye contact with you regardless of distractions and a brief intro to loose leash walking. Impulse control (like jumping on your friends) will also be taught.

An essential class for every dog and their guardian. As in all our classes, we use only all-positive, reward-based training techniques. Classes last six consecutive weeks from the start date, once weekly, for about 45 minutes  per session, and practice at home is required.

Beyond Basics - Canine Good Citizen Pre

$300 for 6 week course 

Additional $20 for certificate payable to AKC

(includes Canine Good Citizen Test)

Jen Miller - Director of Training

Starting Sat, Apr 6 - May 11 @ 12noon

Starting Sat, Jun 1 -July 13 @ 12noon

   (no class July 6)

This class is for those interested in completing the CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Test. It's a great class for any dog interested in becoming a service dog, therapy dog or just a polite and well-adjusted pet. We'll take your dog beyond the skills learned in our Basic Manners class.


You'll expand and master the basic skills:

• Accept a stranger

• Sit politely for petting

• Walk on a loose leash

• Sit, Down

• Reaction to distraction

• Supervised separation

• Impulse Control

It's everything your dog will need to be a good doggy citizen!

Price includes the CGC Test upon completion of the course.  Pre-approval required.


NOTE: CGC Testing is available by a certified evaluator for all trained dogs. 

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